Works in
extreme climates
and temperatures

Because the F26 adhesive is built to last,
shear strengths tests in the laboratory
and on job sites have proven that
F26 is the most powerful, longest lasting
premium quality construction adhesive in the industry.


Cements & Glues for every purpose

High-quality adhesives for construction, remodeling and general consumer use


Stick with Leech Adhesives

The Leech Adhesives product philosophy is to provide products that exceed industry and customer expectations. The Leech Adhesives company philosophy is to take care of our customers.


High-quality adhesives for construction, remodeling and general consumer use.

Leech Adhesives manufactures and distributes a complete line of different adhesives, sealants and caulks for industrial, construction and home use. Try them all and you will agree: “Stick with Leech”

This family owned and operated company has perfected F-26® Premium Quality Waterproof Construction Adhesive, the Number One Choice for quality focused professionals and DIYers to bond all porous substrates to most anything.

Stick with Leech Adhesives


Extreme Heat, Cold & Wet. Leech Adhesives products are weatherproof for all of life’s conditions

Premium Grade

Premium Quality Waterproof Construction Adhesives

Since 1930

Leech Adhesives is proud of our long-time, made in the USA heritage. Since 1930.

World Famous

F-26 Construction Adhesive

Leech Product’s F-26 Premium Quality Waterproof Construction Adhesive is the heavy-duty, professional-quality construction adhesive that's the number one choice for bonding to all porous substrates.

F-26® Premium Quality Waterproof Construction Adhesive
Stick with Leech

Cements & Glues for every purpose

What They’re Saying

“We used your F-26® for a waterproof construction project. We have seen zero moisture penetration in any of the areas that have always been problematic. What a great product both from a constructability perspective and performance. If people are serious about building with quality products that get a true return on their construction investment, they need to use F-26® as their construction adhesive. Thanks for continuing the Leech Tradition of Excellence in your products.”

Scott A. WestDirector of Business Development

“Our lumber company has been a customer of Leech products for 40 plus years. I personally have been purchasing these products for 35 years. The products that we buy from them are top of the line and we have never had an issue with anything. If we do have questions on the products you can call them and talk directly to a person to get an answer. One of the few companies that has maintained quality employees and a quality product through the years.”

Bryan JonesHardware Manager
Builders Supply Company

“There are many choices for construction adhesive, but there’s really only one if you want the job done right.”

Woody HasleyHasley Construction

“There’s no competition when it comes to F-26, it’s the best stuff on the market. I use it on everything.”

Marty WeathersWeathers Construction

“You cannot compare other construction adhesives to F-26. It wouldn’t be fair, there’s simply nothing in its class.”

Brad Cunningham, General ManagerArkansas Wholesale Lumber LLC
The Ridout Lumber Companies

“Having been a general contractor for over 45 years with 100 million completed commercial and residential projects, I would like to comment on and recommend Leech Products. I use their Wood Filler for oak flooring and cabinet repair. It is the only product that is sustainable and permanent. Great results! No cracking and with care a perfect repair. Also I like F-26 adhesive. No reported failures in 20 years! Thanks for these exceptional products!”

R.D. BatesGeneral Contractor, LLC

“I have used multiple cases of F-26 Construction Adhesive on projects that glue wood studs to brick walls and sheet rock to studs. I’ve tried other products and they take several days to set up and then still seem soft. I will continue to purchase F-26 only for my projects.””

Jason HardinHutchinson, KS

“In 2001, before a distributor show, I played a round of golf with our rep agency. While playing, the head of my sand wedge flew off the shaft 20 yards in front of me. The next day I was telling the sales manager of Leech Products that I needed to buy a new sand wedge because of what happened the day before. He said that I wouldn't need to buy one because all I have to do is put some F-26 in the head of the club, slide it on the shaft and wait overnight. I did exactly what he suggested and totally forgot about it until the next time I played golf. Before I played I warmed up with the sand wedge remembering that I had fixed it with F-26. Just to be sure I tried knocking the head into the ground to see if it would come off. It didn't budge, and over 15 years later I still use that same sand wedge. F-26 is an truly an amazing product.”

Greg BradleyIntegrity Sales Group, Inc.
Get it done!

The Choice of Professionals & Do-It-Yourselfers

Leech Adhesives is dedicated to providing high-quality adhesives for construction, remodeling, and in general consumer uses.