X 30® Contact Cement

Premium Quality Contact Cement

X 30® Contact Cement

Proven quality and successful performance

X 30® Contact Cement was developed by Leech Adhesives in the 1940s to support professional builders and DIYers with a contact cement that would permanently bond Formica in new home construction and remodels. The applications have grown today, but the key is to “Stick with Leech” when you want the best.

Available in:

  • 4 fl. oz bottle: X30-74
  • Pint can: X30-77
  • Quart can: X30-78-6
  • Gallon can: X30-79


  • Formica counter top bonding to substrate
  • Plastic laminates
  • Metal
  • Rubber
  • Leather
  • Tile
  • Fabric, foam rubber

Product Characteristics:

  • Waterproof
  • Fast setup – open time up to 30 minutes. Typically the mating surface will bond between 2-30 minutes.
  • Coverage approximately 200 sq. ft. per gallon
  • Not affected by oil or gasoline