Here are some frequently asked questions and our answers about Leech Products:

How do I select the Leech Adhesive that is best for my application?

The Our Products section of this website will give you most of the answers you need. You can call us, or go see your local Leech Adhesives retailer for help in selecting the right adhesive for the job. Also, the actual product packaging itself tells what applications this product is designed for.

Have Leech Adhesives been tested?

Absolutely. Not only by the test of time, but also by the major Construction and Materials Associations and Government Agencies that monitor construction materials. Leech Adhesives manufactures all of our products under strict quality control standards to assure you of the highest quality, most dependable adhesive products available.

What affect does hot or cold weather have on these adhesives?

Very little. Take F-26® for example. It exceeds the requirements of the 500-hour ASTM-D-572-72 standards, and provides dependable service in temperatures from -20 degree F to 140 degrees F. Each of our other products meets or exceeds the standards set for their particular application.

Where can I buy Leech Adhesives?

You can become a distributor or dealer of our products by contacting us. If you are a contractor or consumer, you can email us or call us for the retailer nearest you.

What product can be used to bond rubber to metal?

F-26® or X-30® will work in these applications

Can Leech Real Wood Filler be used on outdoor applications?

Yes, it is weatherproof when fully cured. We suggest a wood sealant be used.

What can be used to seal around my home windows?

Leech Silicone Rubber Sealant.

Will Leech X 30® Contact Cement produce a good bond if the cement is still wet?

No, the cement has to be dry to the touch and put firmly into place?

What can I use to clean up excess Adhesive?

Acetone or Mineral Spirits.

VOC States & Counties

Leech Adhesives F-26® Construction Adhesive contains VOCs that exceed environmental restrictions in some states and/or counties within those states. Please consult local regulations to verify acceptable use of F-26® in your location. For further information please fill out this form to download our guide, or call us at 800-992-9018