Our Products

Leech Adhesives is dedicated to providing high-quality adhesives for construction, remodeling, and general consumer uses. These are our product offerings:

F-26® Construction Glue

The Amazing F-26® Premium Quality Waterproof Construction Adhesive

F-13® Construction Adhesive

Developed by Leech Adhesives specifically to address bonding polystyrene foam, tub enclosures, and tub surround for home construction and remodeling.

Real Wood Filler

Superior Grade Real Wood Filler

X 30® Contact Cement

Proven quality and successful performance


X 30® FAS-TAC Spray Adhesive

Silicone Rubber Sealant

Leech Silicone Rubber Sealant

Concrete Reinforcer

An additive designed to bond and seal


Tap-N-Glue® by Leech Products is a unique glue cap product for use in schools and at home.