Leech Concrete Reinforcer

Leech Premium Quality Concrete Reinforcer

Leech Concrete Reinforcer

An additive designed to bond and seal

Our Concrete Reinforcer was developed by Leech Adhesives to improve flexural strength and water resistance when casting high-quality concrete applications. When you don’t want your concrete driveway, walkway, steps, patio to crack, use Leech Concrete Reinforcer. Quality is the reason to “Stick with Leech”


1 gallon plastic container: LCR-105


  • Seals concrete, plaster, stucco & masonry
  • All interior and exterior concrete applications

Product Characteristics:

  • To prevent future cracks, delamination and water penetration, it is recommended to add Leech Concrete Reinforcer directly into the wet concrete mixer prior to casting at the rate of 2 gallons/94 pounds. Product will exhibit superior properties in flexural strength, water resistance and improved adhesion if bonding other items to concrete.
  • If Concrete is already cast, you can use a spray gun, brush, or roller to apply Concrete Reinforcer to the concrete surface. This will improve all surface characteristics
  • Not for use in water submerged applications
  • Recommended to use above 45⁰F