F-26® VOC Compliant Premium Quality Waterproof Construction Adhesive

The Amazing F-26® VOC Compliant Premium Quality Waterproof Construction Adhesive

F-26® VOC Compliant gives you the Adhesive Advantage for all projects!

This family owned company has perfected “The Number One Choice” for quality focused professionals and DIYers to bond all porous substrates to most anything. F-26® was the first adhesive to pass the American Plywood Association AFG-01 specs for in-field gluing of plywood to wood flooring joists and proved superior when used in “hostile environments.” Try it and you will agree to “Stick with Leech”

Available in:

  • 28 fl. Oz. cartridge: F26-36VOC


  • Home Construction, remodel, repair
  • Subfloors: Eliminates squeaks, long lasting, stays flexible over time. Covers approximately 275-325 sq. ft. of plywood floor installations per gallon of F-26®
  • Metal stud walls
  • Door saddles & thresholds
  • Metal moldings, electrical outlet boxes, name plates, stair treads, signs, shelving brackets
  • Fiberglass & fiber board
  • Loose bricks, tile, simulated brick
  • Plywood, particle board, paneling
  • Felt & fiberglass pads, indoor & outdoor carpeting
  • Decks & treated lumber
  • Not recommended for polystyrene foam & tub enclosures. See our product F-13®
  • Tilt-up concrete: Reveal strip attachment when molding
  • Outdoor Rock, concrete, pavers
  • Garage Doors: Metal brackets

Product Characteristics:

  • Shear strengths in lab & field have shown F-26® VOC Compliant is the most powerful & longest lasting premium quality construction adhesive
  • After applying product to one surface, join the two materials to be bonded, pull apart for 15-40 seconds, then re-join. Parts are held in place with only momentary pressure and have fast hold. Majority of bond is achieved after 24 hours, but will continue to strengthen for up to a week
  • After cure bond will stay flexible & strengthen with age
  • Bond not affected by vibration or flexing
  • Fills gaps to bridge voids & irregularities
  • Smears will not bleed through paint
  • Storage capacity over 12 months
  • Exceeds standards AFG-01, ASTM-C-557-73, FHA/HUD #60

Environmental Tolerance:

  • Bonds even when items are wet and/or frozen
  • Withstands climate extremes. Product can be used from 0⁰-120⁰F (-18⁰- 49⁰C). Finished product service temperature from -20⁰-150⁰F
  • Not effected by humidity